Meet us.

Meet Dale. He’s about eight feet tall, and has flat feet. Kind of like a figment of your imagination.

Right now he’s sitting at a piano-keyboard, banging away. He can literally just start playing random notes, and make it sound like something from a major motion picture. I am a little resentful, however, as I took lessons since the garden of kinder and still can’t do what he can.

When I first met Dale I thought he was antisocial, as I caught him red-handed trying to escape a group scavenger hunt at the Winter Conference…and as an act of grace, invited him to join me and other company for dinner (as I was trying to escape the scavenger hunt as well). And now, I can’t get enough of him, and antisocial would be one of the last things I would describe him as. Introverted? Maybe absolutely.

Dale got me into eating oatmeal, which pre-Dale I hated because it looked like barf to me. And now I think he’s saved my life preventatively, one ounce of fiber at a time. He’s better than any health reform bill. Oatmeal still looks like throw up.

We found out that we both, at one point in our lives, had dogs named Yoda and took the same chemistry class. That’s how we knew. Plus other biblical standards. and attraction.

Dale is someone you talk to when you want to talk about real things, and get a honest opinion. None of that what-you-already-want-to-hear jabber. One of my favorite things to do in life is sit in the car with him when we’re driving somewhere and have him hold my hand, and listen to him talk. Once I asked him to explain the plot of Star Wars in 3 minutes and he went on for 20 minutes. But in non-fiction areas, we’ll talk about things we don’t understand about truth, and God, and worst of all, people.

If you pointed a gun to my head and asked me what godly characteristic I see in Dale that makes me want to spend the rest of my life serving and submitting to him, I would pee in my pants first, and then say because he hates sin and loves righteousness. And I love that he expects the same from me and won’t let me get away with my junk. And that’s what makes me believe my life will be better with him, because he’ll push me towards holiness and loving our Savior.

I didn’t really think you were allowed to have an opinion on contemporary Christian music until I met him.

Oh, and meet Cat. You won’t see her at the wedding. Dale, in a heroic swoop, rescued the kitten version of her from the side of the road, even when she had a broken-tail. I guess you can say he applies grace practically. Although I won’t lie, cats aren’t really my can of worms.

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