How’s wedding planning? An answer to the age-old question.

I think the most common question I get asked now is some sort of variation of the question: “How’s wedding planning going?” Somehow, I sometimes get a feeling some people expect me to burst into tears and dig my head into their shoulder and wipe my snot all over them as I tell them I’m stressed to a point where I don’t know if I can go on any longer. But that’s entirely untrue, as it’s been a really exciting process as I’ve gotten to work with a pretty awesome conglomeration of parents, bridesmaids, nice people, and an extremely level-headed Dale. So really, it’s just fine. In OUR opinion, we’re right on schedule, although I bet our parents would beg to differ, but that’s just how the game is played. If you’re keeping tabs with our progress in your daily diary, which I hope you are not, we’re currently in the process of handing out invitations. I think the hardest part of all of this is picking and choosing who we’re able to invite considering our limited seating. It’s like picking and choosing who gets to witness a representation of how Christ and the church’s loving, self-giving commitment to each other. I mean I want to whole world to know. I don’t know, maybe we  can web-cam it and broadcast it to the www. So if you do happen to find yourself invitationless, please DO know that we still love you very much and wish you could be there with us.

Do know also that our CEREMONY itself is open-seating so go on, grab your old great-aunt you never talk to and her dog and come along. Hey, there will also be some awesome light refreshments served after that. For your reference, in case you do want to come to the ceremony or you lost your invitation to the ceremony&banquet, it’s going to be at

Houston Christian Assembly. 10565 Westoffice Dr., Houston, TX. Aug7, 3:00.

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