Most Important

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul and mind and strength.”

Ok. Number 2?

“Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Got it. Wait… what was the first one again?

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul and mind and strength.”

Ok, cool. Easy.  Hold on, when you say love…

If the history of the world were solely about humanity’s response to God’s commands, it would be a movie on the Oxygen channel where the main characters act in such an ignorant manner that the audience (middle-aged women with their young sons) would have to scream at the screen in order to express the never ending cycle of foolishness.  Kind of a Mystery Science Theater 3000 meets American History X where the end result is too morbid to legitimately make fun of.

It’s a good thing that’s not the only side of the history of the world.  Rather, God created man, gave him someone to love, and said “this is good.”  God gave them one rule, they broke it, God made them some clothes and told them that life was going to be a fair bit rougher from that point out.  Couple generations later, man cares nothing for God, so God starts over.  Then God creates a nation to represent holiness to the world.  The nation turns on him, then God sends some prophets to show them what happened.  Those prophets in turn get killed, so God sends his son to take care of the situation.  He in turn gets killed, which as we all learn in a dramatic turn that this was his goal all along, and now he’s invited literally everyone to take part in his final party.

Tonight my roommate did a wonderful job in pointing that I have a propensity to err towards the bad Oxygen channel movie faith, and not the eternal plan of redemption faith.  It makes for poor viewing.

I was at an Andrew Osenga concert earlier today, and he spoke very honestly about the years that he spent in anger and bitterness for some of the hurt that had come his way.  What brought about a change in perspective?  A group of Christians who invited him to a group that wasn’t quite a “bible study,” where everyone told their story of where they came from and where they were now.  When he had finished spouting about anger, doubt, and bitterness, he didn’t receive condemnation or anger or frustration.  No one offered him a tract to read, or put a bible under his pillow.  Rather, they loved him.  They loved him by befriending him, helping him, and showing him that he wasn’t alone.

God, in essence, has done the same.  Of all the people to be offended at humanity, God should be.  And don’t get me wrong, we are offensive to Him. We’re just very lucky that God corrects offensiveness by finding a way to make it inoffensive, by ascribing righteousness to it.  Instead of anger, bitterness and rebuke, he gave us forgiveness.  “I don’t get it,” is an understatement.

2 thoughts on “Most Important

  1. Fact: That was a really good concert.
    Fact: This was a really good read.
    Fact: I love you guys.
    Fact: First comment!

  2. I knew Dale in high school. He was our class prez. And we had an interesting “how do I know you and what is your name convo” in the MSC once. He’s awesome. And I love your blog. I just wanted to tell you that you are both great writers. You seem to fit well together and I am enjoying “stalking” your success so to speak. I pray the best for you all in your marriage!

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