It’s Monday evening, about 29 hours after Josh and Joanna got themselves married. I’m back and settled into the apartment after watching Shrek 3 at Dale’s with Jeff and Steven…. Appropriately, as we watched Shrek 1 Saturday night with half the wedding party after the rehersal dinner and Shrek 2 Sunday night after the wedding (well, half of it until Dale finally admitted for all of us that we were all way too tired to stay awake for the rest of it). I woke up at 2:30 AM after the wedding and kept thinking about what a great, godly wedding that was and how happy I am that they’re married and in our life. I couldn’t sleep for about 2 hours after that. They really are such a joy to Dale and I…although they’re the more “open,” slightly less modest counterpart. We’ve been talking a lot lately about how blessed we are to have all the friends we have. We love that we have godly older married friends and family (who throw books at us), godly younger married couple friends (who let us use their furniture as they go on missions), and godly single friends (who serve the church with what they got). I also love how with the people around us, it is absolutely normal to go overseas for a year or the summer. It’s gracious of our God for Him to bless us with the friends we have.

Anyway, I feel like now we’re in recovery mode now that spring semester is over and the wedding is done. Now we’re just trying to get life into routine. I feel like last semester was one way intense semester for both of us. With both of us going to school and me in my nearly last semester, both of us working at opposite times of the day and such, seeing each other did get tough, and a typical week would involve seeing each other in hour-two hour moments once a day. But all in all, it was still good and we’re realizing daily how wonderful it is to just know each other. As of now, if you’re keeping up, we’re looking for an apartment. Pray that God’ll provide a place suitable for community and hospitality. Hopefully a place of convenient distance from workplaces and campus. Hopefully close to Josh and Joanna. Other than that, we’re also trying to nail down a honeymoon location.

That’s us for now.

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