Today, I woke up way excited and texted Dale, because it’s JULY. Dale and I have become desparately creative in counting down till the wedding. July marks our last FULL month until the wedding. See? Watch this. There’s 5 weeks left until the wedding. Seems like forever, right? WELL, if we instead say that there are only 5 WEEKEND lefts…then that’s absolutely terrifying, as that means only 5 more weekends of “wedding work” left. It’s all a matter of perspective. 

Secretly, I’ll also count BACK how many days we have left. For example, if today is July 1, and there are 37 days until the wedding…I’ll take July 1 minus 37 days, which was May 25. So however short May 25-July 1 felt…that’s how short it’ll feel when the wedding just SNEAKS up on us. Anyway, I want to get married to Dale…soon.

But more seriously, this counting down has become quite a struggle…in trying to make the most of every day in absolute contentment in Christ. I’m tempted to “speed time up” without really maxing how much time I get to spend with Christ each day. Time also passes way faster when I’m occupied…so I haven’t really let myself have much alone chillax time. Dale knows very well I can’t sit still for longer than 2 minutes when I’m alone.  I need to be careful, because I’m kind of concerned about the post-wedding…when there’s no longer a count down…and marriage doesn’t mean just hanging out with Dale all day long in utter bliss (and getting paid for it too!) I still think marrying Dale will be great, but that’s not all there is to life and satisfaction. It’s finding complete comfort in being kept by Christ…and that doesn’t start in 37 days. I have that now. I think that’s sweet.

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