So far we’ve been able to countdown to when we can say we’re getting married next week, countdown with our fingers, hit the single digits, and now we’re on our last week.  We got our keys to our new apartment last Saturday, but for two days couldn’t go into it because both of us were either in Houston or at work, and we barely saw each other. So Sunday night I waited for Dale to get off work late at night and he picked me up and we had Taco Bell on the bare floors of our fresh, unfurnished apartment. So this week we’ve been pretty obsessed with moving stuff in and setting things up. It’s weird seeing our books intermingled on the same shelf…the gushy “How-to-be-a-Woman-of-God”  books stuffed with his Stephen King, and some of his clothes hanging in the same closet as mine. And I always thought I was a junk…junky until I started going through Dale’s stuff…I mean he had a car horn (from Jeff), Star Wars comic books (which he tried to justify by saying they CAME with his action figures?? haha), a rubber Elvis mask, and just random random stuff. And it’s weird to think..yeah this is MY stuff too now. Anyway, it’s all way exciting and I can’t wait until we can move into it and just crash. Alright, off to church…then Houston to set up!!

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