The Aftermath.

I had been drugging myself with Niquil, with Dale’s encouragement and approval, the few nights before the wedding, so the night before the wedding I slept like a tranquilized elephant. It was awesome. Chattery Chinese women had been filtering in and out helping my mom make food, fix my dress, and assemble the flowers the days before. So Saturday morning it was quiet, but kind of the type of quiet you know is just the calm before the storm. I left to get my armpits waxed, which was painless enough. When I got home, I walked in the door and flashed my shiny clean armpits to my mom, and as she inspected them, I noticed that my cousin from California, whom I have not seen for almost a decade, was looking at me really awkwardly…and that the rest of the parade was there too. So after some nice family reunioning, we left for the wedding. I got there early with my hair all did, and Dale’s mom banished me to the bridal suite almost immediately. It was 12:30.  I sat on the floor alone and read my Bible and the cupcake book Michelle gave me, really just letting my eyes glaze over the glossy pictures. Girls started trickling in and there was a major make-up palooza. We noticed literally 5 minutes before the procession that I would probably trip down the aisle since my dress was way too long since we changed shoes just a week before. So we safety pinned the bottom up, and ran out.

I don’t think I could have asked for a better wedding. It was just so beautiful. Walking down the aisle, before I made the grand turn, I saw Emmie and Philip, Sarah Kuo, Bessie, just all my favorite people from every part of my life. And then to end it with Dale looking at me with such love, it was just magnificant. Everything just flew after that, but I cherish each bite of it. I don’t know what, but there was just a sense of awe that God was pleased in our union. And knowing God was joyful, brought us joy….and Him knowing we were joyful, brought Him joy…And that infinite loop was great.


We stayed at a wonderful lodge in Keystone, Colorado, a tiny town that you can tell explodes in the wintertime with ski-type events, but kind of mellows down in the greenery in the summertime. It gently blooms into a biking town in the summer, but they like to ride quietly and just whizz by you, each party respecting each other’s silent admiration of the outdoors.

As two ..lovers.. who enjoy the outdoors plenty but are not way too hardcore or obsessive about it, we found joy in a book we purchased at the neighborhood Borders, The Diving Bell and Butterfly, memoirs of a French Elle editor-turned- paraplegic, who was able to communicate only with his left eye. We read while feeding the ducks, while taking a breather while canoeing in Lake Dillion, and my favorite, just right before bed in our pillow fort. Dale also spent a day convincing me to purchase a game he was eyeing, called Ninja vs. Ninja, whose name automatically raises suspicion of ultimate geekiness. But since he was my new husband and he just vowed his life and soul to me, I gave in and the game ended up being pretty addicting. We even presented it to Josh and Joanna the night we came back from Denver with a little bit of pride at our catch.

Overall, it was beautiful just spending moments with Dale, the only wedding talk consisting of praise of how beautiful it all was. Dale was a sweetheart from beginning to end, and brought me to a summer dog-sledding place, feeding in to my creepy dog-fetish, and quite predictably, ended up as one of my favorite moments ever. I even found this fish taco place I LOVED, called Chimayo, and Dale insisted I go again the very next day.

Married life thus far is just dreamy. So dreamy, it kind of feels like once we get back to College Station, Dale’s just going to drop me back off at my old apartment, and head back to his home. It’s as if we just made some crazy rendezvous of love. But it’s great waking up and seeing with my eyes that Dale is still there, and that when I go back home, Dale is coming right with me. My favorite part is the aspect that we’re companions…just kind of keeping each other company in life, be it under the mountains and blue sky of Colorado or in watching episodes of Lost before bed, we’re there together. I love that God is happy we’re together and we’re not sneaking around in guilt, but this is a joy shared.

5 thoughts on “The Aftermath.

  1. CONGRATULATIONS you two! I LOVE this post cause I remember feeling those same things (and still do a lot of the time 🙂 ) We hope y’all have a sweet first year married in College Station. Ours was so fun and full of wonderful memories! Congrats again!

  2. that was so beautiful Christina. You are a very gifted and descriptive writer too! Thanks for sharing in your adventures and for buying into Dale’s geekiness!

  3. Beautiful. God is so good!

  4. The ending was my fave part! The part about him being there instead of just leaving you there at your own. (: cutes!

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