Dale and the big two 2’s.

Something I didn’t quite expect from marriage is that we’d have difficulty SEEING each other…awake at least. So second week of Dale in school and third week of me in work was starting to wear on the both of us. But come last Thursday, my (now former) boss and Steph casually reminded me that I have 40 hours left of sick leave now that I’m full time status…and that they do not roll over into 2011. So if I have a vigorous and healthy 2010, TOO BAD 2011. What seemed coincidental but now seen as an act of grace, I got sick with a mild mild cold the very next day. Come Monday, I’m sick enough to take the afternoon off. Dale doesn’t have class Mondays so it just turned out to be a peaceful afternoon of napping and watching a movie. Wednesday, Dale’s birthday (awesome!!) I take the whole day off as my throat is still irritated, but not bad enough for me not to tag along with Dale into Tomball to pick up the tux for Jon’s wedding. Ends up being such a beautiful day of just enjoying each others’ company under the joy of the Lord, who loves us together.

It is so amazing to see God concerned with our relationship and sensing His pleasure when He sees us having fun together.

Anyway, for those who love us and want to see wedding pictures, visit our wedding photos website:


And the top secret confidential monster protected password: christinahuang

One thought on “Dale and the big two 2’s.

  1. sigh yo. see you + your other half tomorrow. hopefully. come early, please. i have to leave early.

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