The Great Outdoors

Hello Blogworld!

Many apologies and condolences to our avid readers (here’s looking at you, mom) for the expansive blog drought in recent times.  While it may dance the line between valid reason and blatant excuse, Christina and I have found our hands and feet bound with the business of work and school.  It was only recently I was admonishing my brother for failure to keep up his blog over at that I realized I was worthy of the same criticism.  Hypocrisy has brought us here today.

Here is a list of recent events and adventures:

1.) Due to an unfortunate typo on the Texas A&M ePay system, I found myself devoid of “Student” status for approximately 2 weeks. It began one weekend when I realized I did not have access to my online class page, and my suspicions were raised further when I saw that my official label on Texas A&M’s online website was “Former Student.” Whoops.

Here’s the sitch- my online bill displayed that I had a payment due on September 30th.  Regardless, the powers-that-be saw fit to remove me due to a lack of payment on September 24th.  This was not even an outstanding lack of payment; the majority of my tuition had been paid at the beginning of the semester.  Alas! After meeting with an advisor, emailing my professors to tell them of my plight, getting their approval to reapply for classes, and acquiring the signatures of both the Theatre Arts and Liberal Arts deans, I am a student again.  God was good enough even to waive my $200 reapplication fee.

 2.) Christina and I began going through Psalms.  Would you like to read somebody whose faith and praise in God makes you feel vastly selfish and narrow-sighted? David’s a good place to start.  Our most recent reading came from the 7th Psalm.  What is the difference between the enemies of God, who pursue David, who dig their own graves, who conspire against the king and his King?  Repentence.  “If a man does not repent, God will whet his sword…”  To refuse to kneel, even if we believe that God is a tyrannical dictator (which He is not), is to ascend a mountain of hubris and jump off the far side.

3.) We attended our first married couples retreat.  Want to know a great thing about a married couples retreat? You aren’t assailed with the asinine comments about “making purple” and “forming cliques.”  On the contrary, you are encouraged to do so!  For 2 days we stayed in Huntsville State Park.  The weather was fantastic, the people were lovely, and the time was a great relief from the pressures of the week.  My most recent hypothesis: were our culture not so indoctrinated with technology and being “linked in” (I say this with some candor, as I write a blog), we would be more religious.  I feel the correlation is natural; those who are not amazed by the effect that creation has on them have simply forgotten what it is to be lost in nature. A stroll in the park doesn’t cut it. 

Last, but not least, have you seen the new (and now-defunct) Gap logo? If not- check this out-

Don’t worry, friends;  Gap has already switched back to their standard logo.  I took about 1 week’s worth of outrage for them to realize their horrendous mitake.  Here’s a note: if my wife can recreate your company’s logo using basic Microsoft Word in under 3 minutes, it’s a bad logo.  Go ahead, try it yourself. Hint- Helvetica.

Alright, dear friends, thank you for your time and reading energies. Hopefully we shall reconnect soon.

Seacrest Out.

One thought on “The Great Outdoors

  1. If I have to resort to reading Facebook to connect with you all then I shall surely go blind. Then you would Have to call!-Mom

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