A wrist, a book, a heart, and a converted omnivore.

My updates:

1. I’ve been having slight wrist pains ever since we’ve moved buildings at work…and I decided to tell my Safety Manager as a side note one day…just in case. Well, the whole thing kind of exploded, ironically to my advantage (yet also to my embarrassment).

First: my Safety Manager immediately sent IT scrambling to get me an ergonomic keyboard. I was then obligated to inform my supervisor, who conveniently happens to be the Chief Financial Officer, and who also has more important duties to tend to than asking his office assistant how her wrist is feeling today. This then led to a phone conference call with HR and some paperwork.

After feeling like a real drama queen, I tried to fight out the irritation in my wrist for another 2 weeks… bt it was still there. So I went to the doctors and, lo and behold, was eligible for Worker’s Comp. Now, the LAST thing I ever thought I was qualified for in my LIFE was grace, and then Worker’s Comp. Then I filled  out some paperwork, got a wrist split, and some pills. I Thought that was all over, until I started getting mail…letters from an insurance agent who needs a recorded incident report with me on the phone. I was also sent a pharmacy card, and some contract or another to sign.

2. As Dale’s work is building up in school, I’ve gained some time to catch up on reading. Ever since a failed attempt to read Mere Christianity in high school, I swore never to even try reading C.S. Lewis again (for pride’s sake). However, in a moment of boldness, I picked up Till We Have Faces, one of Dale’s favorites, and gobbled it up. Now I’m on Screwtape Letters. Note: C.S. Lewis’ fiction is way easier to read than his non-fiction.

3. Adjusting to working full-time is way harder spiritually than I ever imagined. It demands so much mental thought on menial things and it’s easy to get in the hang of simply minding my own business. The glory of the menial things done for Christ my Master gets more dim and faded each day and week in the banter of routine. My heart feelsmore and more ignorant towards people as I pass by the same faces every day. Anyway, it’s a fight…to care again.

4. For those keeping track with my husband’s diet (I assume there are a lot of you), I proudly proclaim that Dale Googer ordered a Chicken Caesar Salad at Chili’s yesterday, all out of his own will (I wasn’t even there!). Oh, and he ate it too. He’s also eaten peas, carrots, onions, spinach, and yams. Tomorrow, I’m taking a really bold step, and trying eggplant on him. Look at what love can do!

6 thoughts on “A wrist, a book, a heart, and a converted omnivore.

  1. Good luck Dale, eggplant is gross.

  2. hahaha i give 4. two thumbs up.

  3. Dale, I like eggplant.

  4. That is a fabulous blog little sister! (I can’t believe the magic of love – that Dale would eat vegetables other than macaroni and cheese and mashed potatos on his own!)
    Keep up the good “wrist work”.

  5. Oh Christina! You are sooo good for Dale. Being the son of a chef we had all kinds of foods around growing up. But Dale just never got into anything besides mashed potatoes and chicken tenders. I am truly impressed with him! (and with you,too!) Jan

  6. …string of comments are almost as great as the post!


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