Dale ate the eggplant! I decided if I was going to make eggplant for him, I may as well go all out and make vegetarian Keema Curry. He took 5 bites of it before calling it quits, but it was more than I asked for. So instead, I cooked these chicken wings real quick in a skillet, since Dale had to leave for rehearsal in 15 minutes. They weren’t cooking fast enough so I dumped some water in it. Once they looked “done,” we just kind of looked at them and didn’t know what to do next, so we dumped butter, garlic, and parmesan into it and gave it a toss. We each took one, and kind of poked around, to find watery blood gush out….but we kind of chewed some of the chicken and it was like rubber…soaked in butter. So bad. So we threw them all out. Never again. Needless to say, Dale ended up just eating leftover alfredo. Poor boy, who puts up with my kitchen experiments. But he’s a sport. He’s already eaten fish/ricotta lasagna, curry yam fries, veggie fries (he LOVES these!), papaya, and the list continues. This sounds eerily like Courtney’s blogs about what Ethan is learning to eat. Ethan, by the way, is a baby. But no worries, Dale saw this coming, when the most narrow minded taster  married the girl who purposely orders things she can’t pronounce on menus.

3 thoughts on “Eggplant!

  1. So sweet 🙂 go Christina !!

  2. haha that is so cuteeee!!

  3. “Chicken goes with chicken, right?”

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