Life is a Circus

Peace, good pint-pot.  Peace, good tickle-brain.

I know you’re thinking.  Who on earth starts a blog post with an obscure line from a Shakespearean play?  Well, I do, and I would do it again.

Here comes lean Jack! Here comes bare-bone!

My theatrics are inspired by the recent performances of Joshua Cook and Christopher Marek, two good friends that acted for me in a recent scene that I had to direct.  I chose Henry IV, Part I, a history play by William Shakespeare.  Josh and Chris committed to a month or so of memorization and preparation and, while neither has much experience acting, the two played their parts admirably. The experiment was quite a success;  being a Theatre Arts major can be quite fun.

Additionally, a lot of time has passed since our last post.  Christina has been pushing me to write, as quite a bit has happened.  Thanksgiving, anyone?  My family gathered to my Aunt and Uncle’s cabins in Livingston, Texas (a favorite place of mine), and all told there were 17 of us present for dinner.  The food was delicious, almost as great as the break from school and work.  Everyone from Grandma Joy to Annie Beth (my infantile 2nd Cousin)  had a wonderful time just with fellowship and family.  Christina had the idea to write 30 things a day that we were thankful for leading up to November 25th itself.  She started a day ahead of me and ended up with 300 things listed, whereas I had a mere 270.  Needless to say, we are extraordinarily blessed.

Christina and I started reading The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom.  Fantastic book, I recommend you pick up a copy.  I’m sure you can find it as cheap as a stinking mackerel (Henry IV).  It details Corrie’s life in Holland as World War II begins and her family slowly begins hiding more and more jews at their house in Haarlem.  While it is only because of her family’s deep Christianity and respect for Jews (“the apple of God’s eye”) that they house and hide them, she soon finds that her reputation has spread and that she is considered a leader in the resistance, to her bewilderment.  I won’t spoil it for you, but things go awry after years of service, and her faith bleeds through the very pages of the book.  I took particular interest in her father, Casper Ten Boom, and plan to read her biography of him sometime.  His respect for his Creator and creation would convict a saint.

Lastly, I was surprised a few weeks back by a trip to the Circus.  Christina had planned an evening, along with Josh and Joanna, to go see Carson and Barnes’ circus at Lake Bryan.  There were probably 600 or so people there, from… all walks of life. None of us had been to a circus before, so the trip was stunning.  I gasped at the trapeze artists.  I chuckled at the dog tamer.  I got picked out of the crowd to be part of a silly trick. Not lying, here’s proof:

Wait... this isn't right...


Oh don't worry, I'm ropes course certified.


And just for fun:

I have an itch on my back, about the size of a person.


And from life:

My nephew Ethan. He is quite the reader.


Christina on some elderly workout equipment we found.


My two brave actors.

One thought on “Life is a Circus

  1. Love it Dale and Christina – your life is so fun!!!

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