Funny Statistics, Bad Photoshops, and a New Year

Happy New Year!

Ok, so I know I’m a little late, but I take it most of you spend the first three days of every year planning your events for every single one of the remaining 362 days.  I know I do!

2010 had a good run.  For those of you who read this blog (Hi, mom), we had a good year.  The blog received about 2,600 views, which is no Wall Street, but certainly beat my best estimates.  Wordpress tells me that’s enough to fill about six 747 airplanes.  Thank you, WordPress, for your ridiculous mathematical statistics. In honor of your research, I’ve prepared a few statistics of my own based on our 2,600 views.

Seat your bucklebelts, kiddos, here goes nothing!

If our views were people, we could fill

1.) about 40 school busses

2.) 36 Hastings cafes (with a maximum occupancy of 71 people)

3.) 1300 pairs of Roller blades

4.) 866.66 (repeating, of course) 3-person couches

Also, if our views were teeth, we would fall short of filling a shark’s mouth (which can have up to 3,ooo teeth).  Youch.

To start the New Year off with a bang, I’ve included some of my personal favorite poorly photoshopped monstrosities.  I hope you enjoy.

“Yes, I have some spare change, but get away from me!”

“If these flowers don’t do the trick, I’ve got something else up my sleeve.”

“I don’t remember it being a sellout game, but if you say so…”

Every family has that creepy aunt.

“Terror fills crowd as lone arm claims 3rd victim.”

“Ok, kids. If Harry’s head is behind Hermione’s, and Hermione’s head is behind the door, then where is Harry’s head? Oh, never mind.”

Yikes, yeah?  To end on an up note, here is an example of GOOD photoshop skills from our recent New Year’s getaway, courtesy of Steve Corn:

Thanks for reading, friends.  And remember- we can photoshop our memories, but we can’t photoshop the truth.  Or…can we?!


2 thoughts on “Funny Statistics, Bad Photoshops, and a New Year

  1. The trick is to Photoshop the person that nobody would look for. I am actually in that shot. It’s Courtney who ended up getting photoshopped. There were too many obstacles to put me in – dog, wagon, kids, Jon

  2. Nice, Steve. Glad to see you ’round these parts. You should try and use your skills by taking a picture of Zac from some random location and throw him into the background or something. Maybe even make him disproportional.

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