Random updates.

I feel like a granny. I’ve already made 3 unsuccessful drafts for this one post, because I keep messing it up. How hard can blogging be?

Anyway, here’s a small update on our life. Nothing major, just little updates on the minor happenings.

A couple weeks ago, Dale had a theater conference in San Antonio. I tagged along to have a quiet, restful weekend. Dale reserved a quaint bed and breakfast for us. It was literally a cute, creaky, wooden house with 5 rooms upstairs with an Irish theme.

This is the FIRST house we passed on the street while we were looking for our b&b. Made me a little apprehensive about ours...

O'Casey's Bed and Breakfast, where we stayed during Dale's theater conference.

Very Better Homes and Garden (literally! I saw the tag.)

It's hard to wash your hair when you're tall.

Here are miscellaneous pictures:

MERRY Christmas...

All she needs is a red, leather jacket. Cause she's a Thriller?

It is really awkward when people ask me what’s new, because there really hasn’t been much ever since we got married. Really, after an engagement, wedding planning, the wedding itself, and a honeymoon…what more do you expect? We’ve decided to renew our vows! So really, I’ve been answering…”Well..I’ve been reading this book…” not very much to their satisfaction. Maybe we’ll have a baby. Spice things up. Just kidding. But yes, I’ve finally started reading Chronicles of Narnia. I’m not sure why, but I’ve never really felt much of an interest in them, but I decided be a good citizen and read them. So far, the 1st two (Lion witch and wardrode, and Prince Caspian—Note: Dale’s really particular about having me read them in CS Lewis’s order instead of chronologically and suggests everyone else do the same) have been exactly like the movies, so it’s like rewatching them, so I am excited to start using my imagination a bit with the rest.

I took a break from that though and am currently reading: 

About a man who has Asperger’s, a type of autism, made known by Dustin Hoffman’s character Rain Man. It’s fascinating exploring his mind of numbers, shapes, and colors. It’s probably one of the most intriguing books I’ve read in a while, to the point I forget I’m reading.

As for the marriage itself, it’s been an adventure and a joy. We went on a walk today (one of my favorite things to do together) and just reminded each other how nice it is to have each other to walk life with.

One thought on “Random updates.

  1. looks like you guys quickly decided to spice things up a bit after all ;-p

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