My plants and his Kyle Katarn

Since we’ve moved into the apartment, I’ve been wanting to really liven the place up with some greenery. This has led to diverse outcomes, from an incredible failure of my kitchen ivy after SIX MONTHS of “care’…


So then I decided to not stick with plants I had to water, so I got a desert plant:

Mother-In-Law tongue.

a bit more of a success!

And my latest pride and joy, my green onion:

I'm not a bad photographer...the plant literally is growing tilted...

Notice the sad shoot, that bends downward.

Anyway, Dale surprised me one day a few months ago by installing some wall decor in our living room. However, I was soon to find that it was to entertain his own fancies. You see, I used to find Mr. Kyle Katarn, escaped from Sulon (thanks, Wiki) in different positions around the house, whether under the desk, or climbing the Christmas tree…etc…but now that Kyle has his own terrain to excavate, I’ve found him in various circumstances and situations. Here are just a few I’ve captured within the last couple months:

He’s a feisty fellow, and seems to find enough exploration to do on his seemingly limited planet.

Here’s a last picture of our peeping Cat!

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