A New World

Our child is roughly the size of an avocado.

That is, of course, merely a guess.  We don’t know for sure.  Still, I doubt if our lives have ever been so dictated by someone whose mass is lesser than or equal to an avocado; we certainly have had a year’s worth of changes in only a few short weeks.  But I’m ahead of myself!

We bought our first apartment on July 25th, 2010, about 2 weeks before we were married. I was working at a hotel in College Station at the time, attending to a vast swamp of lowest-level managerial duties, and was working until midnight on the day we were first allowed to enter our apartment.  Christina and I, in our young romance, decided that we wouldn’t enter the apartment unless we were together.

Upon the midnight close of my shift and the whim of our will, I picked up some Taco Bell, thankfully open for 24 hours, and Christina and headed to the apartment.  We sat on our new floor and ate to our fill, greatly pleased at the level of adulthood that seemed to be filling our minds (despite the woefully un-adult meal and hour).

It was less than one year later (and one large surprise later), that my wife and found ourselves sitting on the same floor, amidst an array of boxes, packing tape, and Rosa’s Cafe.  Not much on the outside had changed, but the biggest changes of all were occurring.  Christina had a baby brewing, which in turn changed our plans of going overseas, which made me enter the job search, which then led to a job and an apartment in Houston, with leases ending and beginning.  Given that the majority of this took place within two weeks, we were swamped.

I hate when Christina makes a mess while she cooks

Thanks to a motley crew of our friends Ping, Enoch, Stephen, Zac, Jackie, Jon Eichler, Chris Marek, and Josh and Joanna, we managed to pack and move in a matter of 4 days.  For the record, the threshold for random items that you want to keep gets dramatically lower when you’re moving.  I never thought i’d say goodbye to my suede jacket from the 70’s (complete with fringe), but it wasn’t worth the effort of packing.

No, man, it's not "subtly dignified."

Then, before we knew it, we had our stuff transferred Southeast on Highway 6, met up with 249, and hoisted up three flights of stairs, with only one scratch in the drywall to show for it. We made the transition from this-

The Man Throne

-to this-

Apartment 1037 welcomes you.

Compare with Kitchen above. Status: Improvement.

All for an avocado.  However, that avocado will now live within 30 minutes of his entire extended family, 15 of his church, and will have a flat screen TV (thanks again to Josh and Joanna).  Ok, maybe that last one wasn’t so much for him.  Still, it is to our great joy that the Lord had provided a job (I’m now an employee of Stagelight Houston), an apartment, and an incredible group of friends and family.  Also, a futon.  That’ll be for the baby.

Baby room. I figure we just tape him into that thing, then we have no need for a crib. Right, parents?

3 thoughts on “A New World

  1. I am kinda addicted to this blog! So excited for your guys. So close to moi. 😉 Hey Christina, you owe me a houston thrift shopping trip! :@D

  2. I think a box on top of the futon should last you a couple of month until he/she is old enough to utilize the entire futon. :-p

  3. Yay Googers! Dale, I’m so excited for you! Congrats on the new job and apartment and BABY!

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