Living with small hands

Casper is going through this phase where he tries to carry as many things as possible…Here are just a few examples.


Initially, he would collect as many trucks as he could when he realized we were about to leave the house. I let him do it because I thought it was pretty cute.



Then he just did it at home to get from point A to point B. He also learned to use his mouth.



The toys he chose also got smaller. This was about 5 seconds before his final breaking point, where he just lost it because he kept dropping his toys. It was sad, and we had a little talk afterwards about how if God wanted us to be able to carry that many toys, He most certainly would give us that many appendages to do so. In the meantime, let’s carry what we can carry and be thankful we even have that much.

2 thoughts on “Living with small hands

  1. love how you were able to document this. so cute!! beth once said to me, “mom, sorry i can’t hold your hand. my hands are full.” gah.

  2. haha that is freaking cute!

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