A Day of Strange Going-Ons

Part I:

Fact of life: Diapers are expensive. Especially now that I have two in diapers, every cent you can save on diapers counts. And fact 2: diapers for Casper now average around 25 cents per diapers. That’s like paying a TOLL, friend. Anyway, I have a chart I use when determining if a sale on diapers is a good deal or not, and we made a family outing to Target last week to stock up since I had coupons. Basically, deal hunting is a part time job (where you don’t get paid.)

But on Saturday, when I got home from Shana’s baby shower, Dale told me that a neighbor we just met (who we have suspicions is some sort of addict…) has been ringing the doorbell to tell us/ask us something every 5-10 minutes while Casper has been napping. Now, every parent knows how horrible that is. Anyway, the poor guy was just having car issues. Well, Dale informed me that he had also struck a deal him to buy two packs of Pampers from him for $15. Of course, my question was how many diapers are in these packs, to which he vaguely shows me my parting his hands. “The box was about this…big?”

I go to the store to get cash anyway.

When I get back, the guy rings our doorbell and asks Dale if he still wants the diapers.

He has a doobie in his hand.

“Sure, we’ll take them from you,” Dale says. “Fifteen, right?”

“Actually, the price just went up to $20.”

(Seriously???? What is this, a drug deal!?)

“Uh, then no thanks,” says Dale.

“…ok I’ll go get them.”

When we got the packages, they each had 196 diapers in them…which makes it an awesome deal.

So of course, it is my husband who nails us the best, just shadiest, deal of all on diapers. The irony.

Part II:

Right before heading to bed, I obligatorily check my Facebook new feed, to find that I have apparently “liked” a few things of my friends. I ask Dale if this was him…and he says no. Strange.

I check my activity log, and see that I have also liked one of those videos of people playing video games, as well as stuff from a comedian, and other (pretty dorky) things I normally wouldn’t like. I also have posted a status of the letter “s.” So weird.

To be precise, “I” had liked a friends’ response TO ME on a picture of HER’s that I had commented on.

So those Facebook security features they pester you with suddenly look very appealing.

We still aren’t sure if this is some sort of virus…or a hack (not one of those cute ones), or just the labor pains of technology rising us against humans to take over the world.

Either way, I felt pretty violated.


Dale also caught some delinquent tweens trying to knock down a road sign along our house. He heroically intervened. Go, Dale.

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