Melt my Heart

Watching Casper and Dawnette become buddies is the sweetest thing to watch. Here are some pictures I caught…(excuse me for the mediocre “camera-phone” shots).


Avert your eyes if you are a neat-freak…because I let my kids play with a box of small plastic cups and bowls when I am cooking. It’s worth it, I tell you. Moms get it. (One negative side effect is it melts baby girls’ hands.)


…aaaand this is what usually happens about 5 seconds later…and Papa cleans it up when he comes home…


Sometimes, they just destroy.


This is one of the best parts of having 2 small ones. But fact: Casper is not having as much fun as Dawnette.


This is how Casper “kisses” his little sister. I like to think he’s just germ-conscious.


The kiss worked.


A 6 month old girl’s attention span = 22 month old boy’s attention span.


Just giving her a hand to speed things up.


Casper got jealous that Dawnette got a ponytail and he didn’t, so I did what any good mother would do… I mean, look how happy he is.

Here’s just a video of Dawnette when she was learning with crawl. Poor Cat has to deal with yet another fanatic baby.

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