Halloween Things

Last night, we brought Casper trick-or-treating for the first time. This was also my first time doing it too. This is how it went.

Well, we first dressed Casper as a rebel-without-a-cause. He fit the character quite nicely by having a tantrum-without-a-cause as we were trying to leave the house.

photo 1

Off to a good start...


We made it out the door, popped Dawnette in her stroller, and started. Once Casper realized that we were ringing doorbells and people were giving him fistfuls of candy, he perked up quite nicely. He didn’t quite understand that we weren’t going in the homes though, so we had to restrain him from just running into houses.

Being creepy...

Being creepy…

Sadly, our neighborhood was pretty dark and bare, and only about 1 out of every 15 houses was handing out candy.  We weren’t surprised though, since last year we only had about 4-5 groups of kids ring our door bell. I think everyone goes to “nicer” neighborhoods now. It’s sad, since this is the one time a year it isn’t too weird to ring a doorbell and meet a neighbor. And ask for candy.

So naturally, we had to walk a good bit to get to the lighted houses, and Casper was so worn out he just started prostrating himself on the sidewalk. We missed getting a good picture of it…but this is him looking like he is drunk and puking on the sidewalk instead. The tacky horse on the back of his vest and diaper hanging out sort of kills the rebel look.

Casper just stated prostrating himself on the floor he was so tired.

His drunken face fits the costume.

Drunk rebel back at home.

So Dale carried the little guy the rest of the way home…where he finally got to see what those little crinkly things everyone was handing out contained…

photo 2

photo 4

I think I like this Halloween thing.

“Why don’t we do this everyday?”

Even Dawnette got her fair share.

Snickers are wonderful first foods for infants.

Snickers are wonderful first foods for infants.

The end. Our good friends Matt and Rachel were throwing a Halloween party tonight, and we were all dressed up ready to go when Casper puked (for real this time) all over himself in the car. So we turned around and just went home. What were Dale and I dressed up as, you ask?

Undercover cops. In hopes of winning the COP-out prize that they hand out. We basically looked a little slicker than normal, and had wires running down our backs with badges to show. Dale also had a small nerf gun in his pants. Too bad.

One thought on “Halloween Things

  1. Can’t wait to see the costumes next year! Glad yall had a good first trick or treating experience!

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