December Happenings

Ahh yes. A few minutes to write without little greasy fingers clawing at my keyboard. Here is a quick overview of what has been going on with the Googers.

1) Lots of birthday-ness. Casper’s, mine, and Jesus’ all within 12 days. We had hot-pot at my parents’ and it was ohhhhh so good. Seriously, sometimes, I feel so bad for people that aren’t Asian and don’t get to fully experience the wonderfulness of Asian food.


photo 2

Stealing the show

Hot pot, by the way, is NOT very toddler friendly. Think: people slowly cooking their food while they eat, raw meat on the table, and a big pot of boiling broth. Oh but we tried…and when you don’t have another booster seat on hand…just grab a pillow and a belt…

photo 1

…though I can’t guarantee this will last longer than 2 minutes.

2) Dawnette has been introduced to this revolutionary, magical drug:

3) Dale and I perpetually try to read together. We have quite a stack of books we have started together but just can’t get through (Note: G.K. Chesterton does not make great read-aloud books), but alas, we have finally made it through one! It was, of course, The Hunger Games. We finished it on New Years Eve because Dawnette was sick so we had nothing else to do. I guess we will have to read Catching Fire next, since the ad for it at the end of the book claims that “SPARKS WILL FLY.”


4) I have been able to see a lot of my family lately, as Timothy has been back from seminary in Illinois (girlfriend in tow), and my aunt, uncle, and cousin have come in to see my grandma, who is in hospice care at my parent’s home right now. In case you have never met my grandma, she has suffered multiple strokes in her lifetime and has declined gradually over the years.  So this isn’t a shock to any of us, but it is still hard to believe her time will come soon.

As a result of her strokes, she hasn’t been able to communicate well with us for a long time, almost as long as I have known her. However, my family has recently been able to catch glimpses of her personality and spunk in random spurts. She was very fashionable before her strokes, and a few weeks ago, she suddenly asked my mom, “What am I wearing?”

Here’s also a fun moment we got to capture of her playing with Casper, who absolutely adores her:

That’s all for now. I hope God shows you great and mighty truths about Himself this year, and rocks your world with His grace.  Happy 2014!

One thought on “December Happenings

  1. wow christina casper understands Chinese!!

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